Our Firm

Hartquist & Noblet, LLC. is a professional firm that has worked exclusively with mature clients for over 25 years to help protect retirees' standard of living and assets. 

Most couples, widows, widowers and singles have invested and accumulated funds throughout their working lives for their family's education, and for retirement, either by educating themselves or with a professional trained in accumulation strategies.   Distribution during retirement, and distribution to heirs, however, requires a "paradigm shift" from accumulation strategies to efficient, effective distribution strategies.   


Our firm specifically addresses the issues affecting those transitioning from employment income to retirement income.  Your date of retirement is the BEGINNING of an entirely different phase of your financial life.  With our targeted training as a Master Elite IRA Advisor with Ed Slott, Certified Estate Planning Professional, Certified in Long Term Care, and a Harry S. Dent Network advisor, we specifically address Retirement & Estate Planning Issues, including Retirement Income you can't outlive, Spousal Survivor Income, Pension maximization, Social Security Maximization, 401(k) Rollovers, IRA Beneficiary Issues , IRA Distribution (RMD's), IRA Generational Stretch, Roth Conversions, Long Term Care Issues, Medicare and Medicaid Issues, as well as Estate Preservation and Estate Planning through Wills, Trusts, IRA Trusts, and much, much more.


Our firm's emphasis is on assisting you to organize, simplify and enjoy retirement, creating a "Contingency Plan" that chronicles your current and future income, including the effects of catastrophic events such as incapacitation or death.  We assist singles and couples to make effective decisions while they are healthy, BEFORE a crisis occurs, easing the burden on themselves and their heirs later.   As a trained Master Elite IRA Specialist and Certified Estate Planning Professional, we also emphasize the maximization of your estate, passing it easily and quickly in a tax efficient manner to your heirs. 

Please call us (540)659-0300 if you have any questions about our firm or the range of Retirement & Estate Planning products and services we provide